Co-Counsel Opportunities

Jay Stuemke at Lanikai Beach

Local Counsel

Hawaii is the most remote populated landmass in the world, and certainly the most isolated location in the United States. This creates unique challenges for mainland attorneys prosecuting cases here, including substantial inconvenience and expense when covering hearings and other matters in person.  As a trial lawyer who has worked with local counsel from Massachusetts to Washington state (and many in between), Jay recognizes and appreciates the importance of having capable and experienced local counsel in serious injury cases. Jay would be happy to discuss working with you on your Hawaii cases, and is open to varying levels of involvement depending on the circumstances of the case. 


Almost all of our cases come to us as referrals from other lawyers, clients, and even judges. We always pay generous referral fees to our co-counsel who prefer to step back and let us take the lead on maximizing the recovery for their clients. Contact us to discuss the best strategy for your Hawaii cases.

Trial Counsel

A substantial portion of Jay’s career has been devoted to actually trying cases against some of the largest and most sophisticated corporations in the world. In addition to his own practice, Jay continues working with other firms as trial counsel in their cases throughout the country. We look forward to exploring opportunities to work with you and your clients to maximize their recovery, wherever they may be.