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When avoidable tragedy strikes in paradise, you need a lawyer with proven experience and results to help get your life back on track.

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The Stuemke Law Firm is dedicated to using the law and the courts to achieve a measure of justice for people who have been victimized by the negligent and reckless actions of corporations, governmental entities, and individuals. Choosing the right lawyer when you or a loved one has sustained catastrophic injuries or a devastating, preventable medical diagnosis like mesothelioma can make a big difference in your ultimate financial recovery.

Most lawsuits are resolved without ever going to trial. Why, then, do you need an attorney with extensive experience trying — and winning — cases? The settlement value of your case is not dictated merely by what your injuries are “worth” in some absolute sense. If that were true, you would not need an attorney at all. In practice, a defendant’s concern that the jury may award you substantial damages drives how much they will offer to settle the case. Your lawyer’s experience and reputation for trial success thus has a direct impact on the amount you may recover.

Jay Stuemke has successfully tried products liability and negligence cases across the country, and is frequently asked to serve as lead trial counsel for other law firms in their cases in order to maximize their value.

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Taking Action: The Stuemke Law Firm has filed a first-of-its kind lawsuit to hold Hawai’i’s tourism industry to account for failing to warn visitors about the number one cause of death among tourists: snorkeling-related drownings. Experts hired by the Hawai’i Tourism Authority concluded that many of these deaths are not caused by traditional drowning, but are the result of Rapid-Onset Pulmonary Edema and could be prevented by adequate warnings. But the Hawai’i tourism industry has failed to broadly share the warnings urged by its experts, leading to a continuation of these preventable deaths.

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